Mr. Cao, the founder of the company, has well over 30 years experiences in the automobile parts manufacture industry. He started his career at Beijing Internal Combustion Engine in 1980s. After few years, he was quickly promoted to deputy general manager in charge of Engineer and Quality Control Department, and he was one of National Awarded Senior Engineers at that time.
As Mr. Cao keep pursuing his goal, he realized that it was the right time to moving forward, so he started his own company Bihua Auto Parts Co., Ltd. (Bihua Auto Parts), a former company of Anhui Bihua Auto Parts Co., Ltd. (KC Auto Parts), is established in year 1992 in Beijing, and focuses on manufacturing automobile engine parts. Bihua Auto Parts is the first licensed private company in Beijing.
In the year of 2005, with its expansion, the company had its second plant in the national top one hundred urban area, Hefei Baohe Economic Development Zone, named KC Auto Parts.
KC Auto Parts are heavily invested in the R&D Division over the past few years with a budget increase of 20% to 40% of its annual profit and continuously investing to supply top-notch quality products.
By the end of 2017, the accumulative investment on R&D and facilities is exceed 500 million CNY. Over 3.8 million pieces of auto parts were produced in year 2017, which accomplished an annual sales revenue of 510 million CNY. The current site area of KC Auto Parts is approx. 21.41 acre with over 646000 ft2 of hi-standard factory building and approx. 300 employees.

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